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Overview Of The Port Of Dalian

About Dalian
Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning province, northeast China.

Zhongshan Square is the best known of the many squares in Dalian. Originally designed by Russians in the 19th century, it is especially noted for the several classical buildings located on the square built during the first half of the 20th century by the Japanese.

Jinshitan (Golden Stone Beach) Scenic Area is located at the south tip of Liaodong Peninsula and borders the Yellow Sea, it is a national scenic park.

The Lion and Tiger Park is located near to the Gushang Reservoir and has more than 30 lions, tigers and bears in the park. The animals roam freely in their respective surroundings so that visitors can get quite close to them.

Lushun Museum is opposite the Lushun Friendship Tower. Exhibits include bronze carved handicrafts, lacquer ware and cloisonné, pottery handicrafts, calligraphy and paintings and some Buddhist artwork.

Haizhiyun Square is surrounded by the sea on three sides and backed by mountains on the other. The square features a main sculpture and 26 smaller, divided into groups. This square is the entrance to the north-eastern section of Binhai Road, the most scenic coastal area of the city. A man-made waterfall is built in the middle of the square with various totem sculptures that present the harmony of human and nature.

Laohutan Scenic Park is located at the southeast part of the city. It is a large recreational centre composed of the Tiger Park, Tiger Square, Singing Birds Woods and an Aquarium. Tiger Square features the largest granite sculpture in China.

Dalian Discovery Kingdom theme park is popular with families.

Two of the main shopping areas include Shengli Square Shopping Center and Friendship Shopping City, at the intersection with Zhongshan Square. Paintings, screens, embroidery and glass ornaments make nice gifts.

Famous local dishes include steamed sea bream, scallops, stir fried prawns and shellfish soup. Popular snacks are 'men zi' (similar to fried potatoes) and 'yan xu bing'zi' (salted fish and corn pancake).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at an old pier northeast of the city centre.

A free shuttle is usually provided to Friendship Shopping Centre beside Zhongshan Square.

Taxis are also available but make sure drivers understand where you need to go, they generally only speak Chinese.
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