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Overview Of The Port Of Cotonou

About Cotonou
Cotonou is the largest city in Benin, West Africa.

The city is dangerous so common sense is required.

Places of interest include stilted villages (especially the lagoon at Porto Novo), Parc National de Pendjan and the Musee Historique d’Abomey. Notre Dame des Apotres (Cotonou Cathedral) is located near the Pont Bridge and is noted for it's distinct burgundy and white striped tile architecture.

Fondation Zinsou is a contemporary gallery specialising in African arts and culture exhibitions. There is a cafe on the ground floor and the bookshop has a good collection of books on African art and culture (mainly in French).

Porto Novo is 30km away from Cotonou, close to the border with Nigeria and is an option for a day trip.

All sorts of items can be found at the Grand Marche de Danktokpa including food items, magic potions and electrical items.

Obama beach is a new beach facility in the western part of Cotonou. The beaches in Benin are normally not too safe, but this beach has security guards and an entrance fee.

Local dishes include 'acarajé' (deep fried black-eyed peas), 'akassa' (fermented corn dough served with a sauce), 'akpan' (corn dumplings) and 'aloko' (fried plantain). Restaurants also serve a mix of international cuisines such as Italian, Indian, Thai, French and Moroccan.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in an industrial area. Taxis (fares are negotiable) or shuttles should be used

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Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Cotonou

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