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Overview Of The Port Of Colon

About Colon
Colón is a sea port on the Caribbean Sea coast of Panama. The city lies near the Caribbean Sea entrance to the Panama Canal. It is the capital of Panama's Colón Province.

Gatun Locks are the biggest locks in the Panama Canal and they are open to visitors interested in the workings of this piece of fascinating engineering.

Tours of the city are available but there isn't much to see apart from the stone built Episcopal Christ Church cathedral, the monument to Christopher Columbus (for whom Colón was named), the shopping mall at Colón 2000 and of course the Panama Canal itself.

Portobelo is a picturesque, Spanish town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, located not far from Colón. It features pretty sea views, the ruins of five Spanish forts and a Spanish treasure house, the Aduana Real, restored in 1998.

Langosta beach is located on a bay about 5 miles from Portobelo. Quiet during the week, it gets busier at weekends.

Isla Grande is a small island about an hour's drive from Colón. The island itself is about a 5 minute boat ride from the small village of La Guayra and offers water sports, a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere and beach bars.

Local dishes include 'patacones' (fried plantains) and 'ceviche' (spiced fish, cooked with onions and lemon juice). There are also lots of seafood options available.
Cruise Terminal
There are 2 locations where cruise ships may dock in Colón.

The Cristobal Pier is located on the eastern side of the Panama Canal. Cruise ships enter the locks then are raised up to Gatun Lake where passengers are tendered ashore.

The cruise terminal has a shopping complex and flea market featuring handicrafts and souvenirs, restaurants and telephones.

Colón 2000 Cruise Terminal is located within the world's largest free zone and duty free shopping area. In general, this terminal is used for ships docking in Colón for the day but not entering the Panama Canal. The terminal has lounge areas, an internet café, a duty free mall, restaurants and local craft shops. Colón itself remains essentially an industrial area with few tourist attractions.

Taxis are available at both port locations and also operate between the two terminals.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Colon

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