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Cartagena (Colombia)
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Overview Of The Port Of Cartagena (Colombia)

About Cartagena (Colombia)
Cartagena is a large Caribbean beach resort city on the northern coast of Colombia. It is located in north-western South America.

Between the first and second main gates, is an area called Getsemani. It circles the Old Town and has lively, cafes, shops and bars.

The heart of the Old Town is the prettiest part, through the second gate heading left toward the Plaza de Bolivar, past the fountains until a gigantic bronze statue of South America's liberator, Simon de Bolivar, can be seen above the treetops.

In the square, there is the Museo del Oro y Arqueologia (Gold Museum), and nearby is Cartagena's 16th century cathedral.

Stroll through the narrow streets of the two Old Town districts - El Centro and San Diego, to discover colonial churches, monasteries and palaces.

There are plenty of restaurants here and a variety of shops selling souvenirs including locally produced watercolours of Cartagena.

The peaceful 17th century Convento de San Pedro Claver has small museum (chargeable). Next door is the Iglesia de San Pedro Claver.

The spooky Palacio de la Inquisicion (Plaza de Bolivar) offers a darker look into history. The main exhibition room contains pillories, a rack and a variety of rusting torture implements whilst outside there are gallows and a chopping block.

The nearest beach from the port is La Boquilla, which lies about 8km north of Cartagena and is easily reached by taxi. The pretty white sands beach at Playa Blanca is about 22km south of the old town.

Good snorkelling can be found in the Rosario Islands, about 30km south of Cartagena.

Cuisine ranges from Creole, French, Spanish and Italian, to street vendors selling simple snacks such as 'butifarras' (small barbecue-flavoured meatballs), 'bunuelos' (cheese balls) and 'arepas de huevo' (fried dough balls with an egg inside).
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in the Port of Cartagena. Shuttles are available to take you to the port gates (it is possible to walk however). There is a lovely landscaped park area with an indoor/outdoor cafe, shops and picnic tables.

Taxis are available from here to take you into Old Cartagena, a 15 minute drive away.
Cruise Regions

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Cartagena (Colombia)

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