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Overview Of The Port Of Callao

About Callao
El Callao or Callao (pronounced Kay-ya-oh), is the largest and most important port in Peru. Callao is located west of Lima, the country's capital. Callao borders Lima Province on the north, east and south and the Pacific Ocean on the west.

In central Lima, visit the 117-block UNESCO district. Start at the Plaza Mayor, surrounded by Lima Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace, City Hall, Government Palace and the Club of the Union.

The 17th century San Francisco Monastery and Church, a few blocks from Plaza Mayor has a serene courtyard and 17th century library. Beneath the church, catacombs contain the bones of 70,000 people.

Plaza San Martin is Lima's grandest European-style square.

Miraflores, one of the best residential neighbourhoods has a fair number of shops and restaurants. In the centre, you will find Huaca Pucllana, the mud-brick 4th century pyramid ruins were built 900 years before the Incas constructed Machu Picchu.

Visit the craft markets on Avenida Thouars. At the end of Avenida Larco, cross over to the malecon, the cliffside Larcomar shopping centre is down some steps.

Rafael Larco Herrera Museum has one of the world's largest collections of pre-Colombian art and is most well-known for its 45,000-piece compilation of erotic pre-Colombian pottery.

Excursions may be on offer to the Museum of Peruvian Gold, a private collection containing gold artefacts from pre-Colombian times to more recent centuries and includes jewellery, funeral masks, swords and knives discovered at archaeological sites around Peru.

The National Archaeological Museum has an enormous collection of pre-Hispanic art and relics, including paintings, pottery and well-preserved mummies.

About 20 miles south of Lima, is Pachacamac, a coastal archaeological site, dating back to between 200 to 600 A.D.

Peru is known for quality alpaca goods including blankets, throws, scarves, hats and gloves, especially those made from soft baby alpaca (using the first shearing of the fur around their neck).

The three traditional staples of Peruvian cuisine are corn, potatoes, and chili peppers. Dishes include 'anticuchos' (beef heart marinated in spices and grilled), 'tamales' (boiled corn with meat or cheese and wrapped in a banana leaf) and 'papas a la huancaĆ­na' (sliced boiled potatoes, served on a bed of lettuce with spicy cheese sauce and olives). Ceviche or cebiche is one of the most popular dishes in Peru. A spicy dish, consisting of small pieces of white fish marinated raw in lime juice mixed with chilies. It is served with raw onions, boiled sweet potatoes and toasted corn.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at Callao Port, located approximately 9 miles west of Lima, the capital city.

Taxis and buses are available to take visitors into Lima.

Callao port has no terminal building, shops or ATM's. Authorised taxis are available at the port gate, and avoid using 'street cabs'. Callao is not safe to wander about day or night so organised shore excursions and advice from your cruise line is best when making arrangements to explore.
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