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About Bucharest
Bucharest, located in the southeast of the country, is the capital of Romania, which is at the intersection of central and south eastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea.

Communist landmarks make up much of the city. They represent a difficult part of history and are architecturally interesting. Sights include the former Central Committee of the Communist Party building on Revolution Plaza, a brick and glass building that headquartered the secret police, the large white obelisk shooting through a symbolic black cloud (known locally as the "impaled potato") and the Palace of Parliament, one of the largest buildings in the world.

The Lipscani district is the historical heart of Bucharest. The old city centre has been re-furbished into an upscale neighbourhood. The jumble of cobblestone streets and pedestrian walkways house art galleries, antique shops and cafes. Stavropoleos Church, built in 1724 can also be found here. It is a mixture of Romanian and Byzantine styles with frescoes and wood-painted icons.

Bucharest has many museums including the National Village Museum, an open-air collection of peasant homesteads and the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, which houses 18th and 19th century collections of pottery, handicrafts, weavings and other arts (closed on Mondays).

The Museum of Art Collections contains private collections confiscated by the Communists and later recovered. Artworks include traditional glass, Transylvanian icons, 19th century French furniture and works by Romanian masters. The museum is located at Calea Victoriei but has varying hours, so it's best to call first (021-211-1749).

The Arch of Triumph is an important city landmark that honours the bravery of Romanian soldiers who fought in World War I and is located on Sos Kiseleff, the same street that houses the National Village Museum and Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

Herastrau Park stretches along a manmade lake, and it's a nice place for a walk, bike or boat ride.

The Dracula legend originated in Romania, experience it locally at Snagov, a weekend retreat 25 miles north of the city. There's a lowland forest, lake and an island in the lake which features a 15th century church that is home to Vlad Tepes' tomb. Tepes was the brutal prince who inspired novelist Bram Stoker's "Dracula."

Bucharest has many malls and department stores, and you'll find many different shops on Calea Victoriei, the historic thoroughfare. Souvenirs such as folk art, ceramics, rugs and religious icons can be found at gift shops at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant or the National Village Museum. Romanian wines are widely available in wine shops and grocery stores.

Romanians loves their meat - pork stuffed with ham and cheese, beef with mushrooms, bacon, peppers and a tomato puree and 'mititei', small, skinless grilled sausages made of minced pork, lamb, beef and spices. A national favourite soup is 'ciorba', a sour soup made from fermented bran, vegetables, parsley, dill and beef or chicken, usually served with sour cream and green or pickled pepper. Popular desserts include pastries, usually with a cheese filling.
Cruise Terminal
Bucharest serves as a transfer destination for Danube River cruises. Passengers often stay overnight for a day or two before crossing the border to Bulgaria to meet their ships.

Bucharest's public transportation system covers the entire city with buses, trams, trolleys and subway services. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks and underground Metro stations.

Taxis can be ordered by telephone, hailing one on the street or from a taxi stand. Licensed taxis are yellow and have black and white registration numbers printed on their doors. Legitimate drivers will have photo ID's with prices posted. The customary tip is 10%.

Note: Pickpockets operate the public transport system during the peak hours so exercise caution. Bucharest also has a major problem with stray dogs. Caution is also required with crossing the street.
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