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Overview Of The Port Of Bounty Bay

About Bounty Bay
Bounty Bay is an embayment of the Pacific Ocean into Pitcairn Island, in the South Pacific Ocean.

Pitcairn Island is the only inhabited island of this group of islands with Adamstown being the only settlement.

Bounty Bay is named after the Bounty, a British naval vessel whose 18th century mutiny was immortalized in the novel Mutiny on the Bounty.

The remains of The Bounty are in Bounty Bay, it was deliberately burned and sunk by the mutineers. It's anchor is on display in front of the Public Hall in the town square.

The museum displays items from The Bounty as well as other local artefacts.

If the ocean is calm enough, go swimming in St Paul's Pool, a picturesque tidal pool nestled among the seaside rocks in eastern part of Pitcairn. (Swimming in the ocean itself generally isn't safe due to the rocky shoreline.)

Visit one of the other islands - Oeno has sandy beaches suitable for swimming and Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site has several endangered bird species. Both are good for snorkelling or scuba diving among coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Souvenirs include locally made crafts (woven baskets, carvings and Bounty models), Pitcairn stamps and guidebooks. The Government Store on the island sells alcohol and tobacco at duty free prices.

Local cuisine is mainly fish based. Deep-fried 'nanwi' (bluefish) is a local favourite as is red snapper, tuna, whitefish and grouper.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships anchor and tender passengers ashore.

There is no transportation on the island. Walking and 3 and 4 wheel "motorbikes" are the main ways to get around, bikes are usually available for rent.
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