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Overview Of The Port Of Arkhangelsk

About Arkhangelsk
Arkhangelsk (or Archangelsk), is a city of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. It lies in the north of European Russia.

Currently, all foreign nationals are required to have Russian entry visas for travel to Russia which must be organised well in advance. Please check with your cruiseline for most up to date information.

Places of interest include the Natural History Museum and the Gallery of Arts, both located at Lenin Square.

Lenin Square is also where Arkhangelsk's only skyscraper is built.

Arkhangelsk is the theme of the Russian 500 rubles banknote, and walking through the embankment you can find all the sites printed on it including the monument of Peter The Great. There is a couple of interesting churches around Naberezhnaya, including the former German Kirche (now used as the city concert hall).

Malye Korely is an open-air museum of Russian North's wooden architecture. The museum area is filled with impressive wooden houses and churches and is located in a village just outside the city.

Gostiny Dvor is part of the old merchants' yards. It has been renovated and exhibits such items as coins, tapestries, Orthodox church relics etc.

Local wooden souvenirs made of birchbark and Northern sweets named 'kozuli' make good gifts.

Traditional dishes include beef stroganov, 'coulibiac' (filled fish and rice pie) and 'kalduny' (stuffed dumplings). Blini (thin pancakes) and caviar (salted roe) are also well known Russian foods.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock in Solombala, which is not far from the city centre.

Public transport - buses, trolleybuses and marshrutki (shared minibuses) are available but can be difficult to use without knowing Russian.

Car or taxi is probably the best way to explore Arkhangelsk. Taxis are inexpensive and can usually be found near most attractions.

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