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Overview Of The Port Of Arendal

About Arendal
Arendal is a town and municipality in the county of Aust-Agder, Norway. Arendal belongs to the traditional region of Sørlandet in Scandinavia.

Hire a bike and explore or join a guided hiking or walking tour of the surrounding areas.

Arendal Churchyard, which dates back to 1809, is a beautiful and unique churchyard with ancient trees. It is regarded as one of the country’s most beautiful churchyards, it is built in terraces with beautiful granite walls and family mausoleums surrounded by intricate wrought iron fences. Many of the town’s notable inhabitants are buried there.

The lighthouse 'Store Torungen' is located on an island outside Arendal. It was constructed in 1844 and electrified in 1914. It is 34.3m high and is still in use today.

The Vitensenteret Sorlandet is a science centre, ideal for children and families, it is located at the pier in Arendal.

Horse riding, swimming, kayaking, fishing and climbing are some of the activities on offer in the area.

Pollen is the inner harbour and heart of Arendal, with pubs, the fish market, restaurants and local fisherman selling fresh crabs.

During the summer, a regular boat service operates from Pollen to the island of Merdo. Here you will find beautiful scenery, a museum and several beaches.

Tyholmen, in the middle of town, features wooden houses which date back to the 17th century.

Arendal offers a mix of smaller stores and large shopping centres such as AMFI Arena shopping centre with 70 shops and the nearby Harebakken Senter, one of the largest shopping centres in Aust-Agder, located by E-18 outside of Arendal.

See home made chocolates being made at Heimdal Chokolade and bring home a sample or two. Hand-made knives, jumpers and jewellery make popular gifts as well as arts and craft items, which can be found in the many galleries in the area.

Arendal's speciality is fresh fish and seafood. Try tasty fish suppers and stews, munch on shrimps or sample freshly caught crab. International options are also available, from tapas and Chinese, to Italian and fast food options.
Cruise Terminal
The port is around 10km from the centre of town.

Shuttle buses are usually available.
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