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Overview Of The Port Of Aqaba

About Aqaba
The city of Aqaba is in the southern most part of Jordan. It is located at the north eastern tip of the Red Sea.

Most visitors head to either the ancient city of Petra or the Dead Sea from this port.

In Aqaba attractions include the 14th Century Castle, the Aqaba Archaeological Museum adjacent to the castle and Aquarium.

The calm waters here are ideal for water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving and glass bottom boat trips.

Jordan is famous for it's silver and gold and popular souvenirs include necklaces with a dalleh (national symbol - a small gold coffee pot), worry beads, pottery and embroidery.

Public beaches are located on the South Coast, around 10 minutes drive from the downtown. They belong to and managed by the Aqaba Marine Park.

The only public beach inside the city is Al-Hafayer Beach or Al-Ghandoor Beach. This beach is not really recommended for Western tourists, especially women for swimming, only kids and some locals (women in full costume) go into the water.

The private beaches belong to hotels, where you have to pay an entry fee to use the facilities.

The most common and popular appetiser is hummus, Ful Medames is another well known appetiser.

The most distinctive Jordanian dish is mansaf (lamb), the national dish of Jordan.

Fresh fruit is often served towards the end of a meal, along with desserts, such as baklava, hareeseh, knafeh and halva.
Cruise Terminal
Aqaba cruise port is situated in southern Jordan on the north shore of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea.

Shuttle buses take visitors into town. Taxis are available at the port gate.
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