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Overview Of The Port Of Antalya

About Antalya
Antalya is a city on the Mediterranean coast of south west Turkey.

There are so many sights to visit when you stop at Antalya and popular trips from here include the historical sites at Termessos, Hierapolis & Pamukkale and Perge.

The Archaeological Museum in Antalya is also worth a visit.

Antalya itself has pretty palmed lined boulevards, an impressive marina and charming old quarter.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities, both inside the old city walls and along the streets facing the ocean front area selling everything from souvenirs and clothing to jewellery and ornaments.

There are many beaches to choose from in and around the Antalya area, including Lara Beach, around 12km away.

Antalya’s signature cuisine includes Piyaz (tahini, garlic, walnuts, and boiled beans), spicy hibeş with mixed cumin and tahini, şiş köfte, domates civesi and şakşuka. One local dish is tirmis, boiled seeds of the lupin, eaten as a snack. "Grida" is a fish common in local dishes.
Cruise Terminal
Ships dock at Port Akdeniz, some 25 miles from Antalya itself. There are telephones, car parking and taxis available at the port. Most cruiselines offer shuttles into Antalya.

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