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Overview Of The Port Of Anakao

About Anakao
Anakao is a coastal fishing town on the south west coast of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, off the south eastern coast of Africa.

Anakao's relative isolation has helped preserve a traditional Vezo lifestyle amongst its inhabitants.

Some ancient tombs can be found behind the village.

South of the village, fragments of eggshells from the world's largest bird, the extinct Aepyornis or 'elephant bird', can be found scattered along the beach.

Two small nature protected islands, Nosy Ve and Nosy Satrana, are located close to the coast of Anakao. Both islands are uninhabited and boat trips can usually be arranged.

Diving is a popular activity here.

Rice is the cornerstone of the Malagasy diet. The national dish is a broth called 'romazava'. Popular street food includes a variety of cakes and fritters known as 'mofo' meaning bread, 'mofo gasy' and 'menakely' being two popular options. Pineapple and banana fritters are eaten as a sweet snack.
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