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Overview Of The Port Of Algiers

About Algiers
Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria, a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast.

Attractions here include Notre Dame d'Afrique, Le Jardin d'Essai du Hamma, La Grande Poste d'Alger, Memorial du Martyr, Kasbah of Algiers and Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur.

Algeria has many street markets and handicraft shops that sell just about everything including leather goods, rugs, copper and brassware, locally made dresses and jewellery. Never accept the first price stated to you as bargaining is a way of life in Algeria. It is customary in street markets and in smaller shops. Rue Didouche Mourad Street in Algiers, is where street artists display their art.

The ‘khabz’ (flatbread) is the base of Algerian cuisine and eaten at all meals. Merguez is a spicy lamb sausage that originate from the Atlas mountains. Other common dishes include couscous, 'chakchouka' (poached eggs, tomatoes, chili peppers and onions) and 'karantita' (pancake or crepe served hot and dressed with cumin and harissa). Berber cuisine is based primarily on corn, barley, ewe's milk, goat cheese, butter, honey, meat and game.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at the Port of Algiers, which is within walking distance of the centre of town.

Note: cruises are discouraged by the Algerian Government so few stop here.

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Algiers

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