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Overview Of The Port Of Akureyri

About Akureyri
Akureyri is a town in northern Iceland, located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Attractions include Lake Myvatn and Myvatn Nature Baths, the Goðafoss waterfalls and the Akureyri Botanical Gardens.

Within the Akureyri town limits there are many recreation areas and hiking paths.

The Akureyri church is the symbol of Akureyri.

Gásir (around 11km away) is a medieval trading place and was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages. Archaeological digging has shown it was a trading post up to the 16th century.

The Northern Lights – also called Aurora Borealis, can frequently be seen in Akureyri and the surrounding area from September through April on clear and crisp nights.

Around 10 minutes drive from Akureyri, is the Jólagarðurinn or 'Christmas garden'. Inside you'll discover Christmas decorations from all over the world, along with traditional Icelandic Christmas items and selected local handicrafts.

There are many museums here including the Aviation, Akureyri and Art Museums.

Shops are mainly concentrated in two places, the city centre along the street Hafnarstæti and in the shopping mall Glerártorg by the street Glerárgata. Ceramics, woollen knitwear, glassware and silver jewellery are popular souvenirs.

Much of Iceland's cuisine is based on fish, lamb, and dairy products, with little or no use of herbs or spices. Traditional dishes also include skyr, hákarl (cured shark), cured ram, singed sheep heads and black pudding. Puffin is considered a local delicacy.
Cruise Terminal
Cruise ships dock at Odderarbryggja pier which is around 1km from the centre of town. Ships can also anchor and tender passengers ashore.

Care hire and a small number of taxis are available.
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