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Overview Of The Port Of Agadir

About Agadir
Agadir is a major city in southwest Morocco, and is the most westerly of the North African countries.

Agadir Port offers resorts and hotels. The pristine white beaches are perfect for sunbathing and water sports such as water skiing and parasailing.

Interesting places to visit include Kasbah, which was once a fortress that was built around the city of Agadir to protect it from attacks from foreign invaders. For nature lovers, there is Valley of the Birds or relax at the Riu Tikida Thalassotheraphy Center in the Hotel Riu Tikida Beach.

Local handicraft materials and trinkets are sold at Medina Souvenirs, one of the popular souvenir shops in Agadir. It is located in Massicar Avenue near the main souk (a Moroccan style street market).

Agadir’s Municipal Market sells artworks, clothes, beaded crafts and jewellery. The Suk is located in the southeast area of Agadir, is one of the main shopping areas of the Agadir port.

Cous cous, beef, lamb and poultry dishes are all available on menus. Seafood is becoming more popular too.
Cruise Terminal
Ships dock at the Agadir cruise terminal. It is equipped with two footbridges to handle the flow. Passengers are then given easy access to the sights of the city.

Cruise Ships Docking In The Port Of Agadir

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